What is ArmorLiner, and how does it work?

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Introduction: What is ArmorLiner?

ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner is a spray-on polyurea that can be applied to any surface. It is made of a thick, durable material that is resistant to scratches, dents, and corrosion. ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner can protect truck beds, toolboxes, dumpsters, and other surfaces. It is available in various colors and can be custom-ordered to match any color scheme.

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How does ArmorLiner work?

ArmorLiner is a spray-on coating that hardens to form a protective barrier on the surface of metal, concrete, and other substrates. It is applied in a liquid form and then cures to a thick, durable finish. ArmorLiner can protect against weathering, corrosion, abrasion, and other wear and tear conditions.

ArmorLiner is a two-component, 1 to 1, 100% solid, fast-set, liquid-applied polyurea liner system. One of the greatest things about ArmorLiner is that it can be customized in a way that suits your style and contributes to full-body durable security. ArmorLiner remains unyielding to gouging, rips, tears, and scuffs. The coating can also patch up cracks and defects in concrete, providing a durable repair solution.

What are the benefits of using ArmorLiner?

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There are many benefits to using ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner, which is why it is a popular choice for flooring, decking, and roofing. It has the stamina and endurance to withstand long-term usage, and in addition, the piece has a resistant coating, so no staining or fading will occur. ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner is also simple to maintain; quick sponging or mop will leave it looking perfectly clean.

What are the applications of ArmorLiner?

ArmorLiner is a spray-on protective coating that protects metal surfaces from wear and corrosion. It is also used to repair and rebuild metal surfaces. ArmorLiner can be used on various metal surfaces, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, railings, fences, and more. ArmorLiner is available in both a clear coat and a colored coat. The clear skin can be tinted any color, and the colored coat is available in various colors. 

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