Protecting Calgary’s Walkway’s With Polyurea

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Calgary has the most extensive urban pathway and bikeway network in North America. The City maintains approximately 1000 km of regional pathways and 96 km of trails.

Enabling Calgarians to live active and healthy lifestyles is important to The City. Investments in active transportation infrastructure, including pathways and bikeways, provide Calgarians with active ways to travel through and around the City and reduce social isolation. Before the latest construction project was put into action, Calgarians were asked to pin the common destinations that they travel to regularly using the existing network. This information helped the building team identify what types of places people are traveling so that the technical experts could plan new pathways and bikeways to these locations across the City. Calgarians also told them about the various challenges and barriers they face while using the existing pathways and bikeways. They identified issues like off-set gates and posts that block the entrances to pathways, poor directional signage, poor maintenance, and missing connections, to name a few. 

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Beginning Work:

After receiving the feedback, they needed, the team began work on their new project while using the following points as a guideline:

  • Removing barriers 
  • Using smoother surface materials
  • Making fewer routes on steep hills
  • Improving visibility through lighting and markings 
  • Providing additional year-round maintenance
  • Improving connections to transit

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Enter PermaTech:

As Alberta’s only fully mobile Armorthane coatings applicator with a 3000 sq. ft. in-house spray booth, there was no better choice to assist in the major project than PermaTech.  

Based in Strathmore, Alberta, and serving Western Canada, Permatech has the solution for all protective coatings needs. 

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PermaTech chose to use ArmorThane’s STS-300 polyurea coating product for this project. However, on future pathway projects, they have decided to go with the latest upgraded product put out by ArmorThane last year called ArmorLiner. ArmorLiner is a two-component, 1 to 1, 100% solid, fast set, liquid applied polyurea liner system that works well with metal, concrete, fiberglass, and wood surfaces.

Polyureas are the ideal product for coating and sealing outdoors; with their excellent weathering characteristics and impact resistance, you can count on outstanding protection that will last and last. 

They perform well in extreme climates and have a high level of impact abrasion resistance, making them work flawlessly on outdoor walkways. 

PermaTech made use of their large warehouse space to lay out multiple walkways and apply the STS-300 in multiple even layers. ArmorThane’s amazing bonding capabilities mean that the product bonds extremely well even to wood surfaces such as was used in this project. To this day, several years later, the product is still holding on strong and has not had to be reapplied. In fact, it has worked so well, PermaTech has been asked to complete more walkways for ongoing and future projects.

If you would like to contact PermaTech regarding a project you have in mind, click here. If you are interested in finding out more about ArmorThane’s product line click here.

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