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Garage Floor Coatings In Canada

Garage floor coating improves the appearance, protects and improves safety

Table of Contents

  • Floors for garages coating improves the appearance, protection and enhances security
  • 5 reasons why you should paint your garage floors
  • Buy garage floor coating
  • Epoxy flooring paint as well as different garage floor coating kinds
  • Self-leveling / self-smoothing Epoxy floor paint
  • Epoxy floor for garages Canada Paint for floors made of epoxy

Garage floors are among the toughest work surfaces. It is often subjected to grease and oil as well as heavy-duty chemicals as well as heat, abrasion and massive mechanical loads. To guard your floor against all the things you throw at it, it is advisable to invest in a garage flooring coating. Particularly in Canadian winter, when garages face the added stress of the cold conditions and freezing temperatures and the uninsulated concrete of a garage floor may be damaged as well as make the space cold and unattractive. The garage floor coating can also provide a unidirectional finish that increases the security of the room and comes with a variety of appealing colors and finishes.

In this article, we will review the various garage floor coating options, including epoxy and polyurethane, and provide a list of garage floor paints and manufacturers in Canada.

5 reasons you need garage floor coatings

Although concrete appears to be indestructible it also requires some protection. The garage floor coating is a method to shield the flooring – it’s a cost-effective and durable method to build a tough-wearing surface that is able to withstand any demands placed on it by the area. In addition to being durable, there are additional advantages to the garage floor coatings.

  1. Cleaner It makes the surface less porous and stops the absorption of petrol, oil, and grease. It also has the advantage of being smooth and seamless
  2. Eliminates any imperfections in the flooring
  3. Improves security because it makes the flooring less slippery, as well as increasing the brightness of reflections through reflections
  4. Positively helps to the overall atmosphere of the garage.
  5. More affordable than other options for finishing garage floors (especially when using floor epoxy paint)

Buy garage floor coating

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Epoxy Floor Coating Kit
Polycuramine Flooring Coating Kit
Urethane Floor Coating
Epoxy Acrylic Floor Paint

Polyurea floor paint and various garage floor coating types

Because of the need for toughness and durability Garage floor paints are typically polymeric coatings such as epoxy polyurethane as well as polyaspartic. Each of these three coatings has various strengths, as explained below:

Commercial garages tend to rely on epoxy garage floor coating due to its heavy-duty protection.

  1. Polyurea coating – The most popular coating used by the industry, polyurea is incredibly robust, hard-wearing, chemical and acid-resistant, abrasion-resistant, adhesive clean, and attractive.
    Ideal for commercial and industrial garages that are heavily used, if there is no danger of UV radiation exposure. In addition, applications for domestic epoxy floor paints are feasible.
  2. Polyurethane coating is often employed as a topcoat for the flooring made of polyurea or epoxy, it’s tough, abrasion-resistant, chemical resistant, UV-resistant, in addition to being more flexible polyurea (and therefore, less spongy underfoot).
    It is recommended for commercial low-traffic garages as well as home garages. Particularly suitable for concrete newly constructed flooring (where epoxy has a lack of flexibility ).
  3. Polyaspartic coating also referred to as an aliphatic polyurea Polyaspartic offers a unidirectional, hygienic surface, UV resistance as well as cold temperature application. chemical and water-resistant and an attractive, polished finish.
    It is recommended for medium to low traffic garages. Also suitable for parking spaces outside.

A floor coating made of polyurea is typically the best alternative unless there’s an issue that makes the use of polyurea unsuitable. These reasons include the use of newly laid concrete surfaces, exposure to ultraviolet, and the minimum time to cure (polyurea floor paint takes three days or more to cure, depending upon the amount).

Self-leveling epoxy floor paint

If you’re looking to have a smooth, seamless garage floor, and have some extra money to invest, a self-leveling or self-smoothing flooring coating is what you’re seeking. These floor coatings made of polymeric resin are put on the floor and then spread across the floor, allowing the coating to spread evenly across the floor’s profile. Self-flooring that is level coating is more durable the thicker it is used; for extremely heavy and heavy-duty use, it must be applied with 4-6mm. For medium-to-heavy duty applications need 2-3mm. The most well-known self-level flooring is polyurea floor coating. Canada has many companies that offer garage floor polyurea, for instance, Canadian Tire with RockSolid-products.

Garages are areas where harmful chemicals and oils are utilized frequently and, in the majority of cases, end on the floor. Concrete floors are a prime example of this, as these chemicals can get in and cause damage to the floor. When you apply a self-leveling coating on the floor, the floor is made seamless and is easier to work on, and highly durable to abrasion and impacts, and also the hot tire pick-up. Although polyurea is the most well-known, polyurethane is chosen for this purpose where the floor’s feel is essential or when there is direct sunlight exposure.

Polyurea coatings for garages

There are numerous garage floor coating manufacturers and suppliers that provide coats for Canadian customers. Canadian market. If you require polyurea floor coating, polyurethane, and aspartic there’s an organization that can meet your requirements. To get the best results, it is recommended to contact an expert. There is no substitute for an experienced professional who can apply the coating. For the application of garage floor polyurea, Canada has experts operating across all provinces.

If you’re looking for assistance in the garage floor coating contact us! We can set you up with an expert in your area that is ready to assist you with your task. Together with our coating partners, we’ll provide you with the best coating to meet your requirements. Our quotation service is at no cost, so email us now.

Armor Coat Epoxy Garage Floor Coating A garage floor with one coat paint, with no hot tire pickup
ArmorFloor ArmorFloor™ is a two-component, aliphatic polyaspartic for use in moderate to severe chemical environments in indoor or outdoor applications. Its resilience, durability and UV resistance makes it an excellent choice for a broad range of uses. 
ArmorDeck ArmorDeck Topcoat is a polyester, aliphatic, single component, liquid applied, moisture-cured, urethane polyurea surface protection coating. This adds durability, excellent weather ability, seamless waterproofing membrane, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance. It is imperative that ArmorDeck Topcoat be applied within 48 hours.
Rust-Oleum The Epoxyshield Clear Premium Coating A high gloss protective finish

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